Onward Living Recovery Community is a transitional living program that is dedicated to helping those struggling with addiction to establish the life skills and habits that are necessary to live a life of lasting sobriety. Studies have shown that the longer you stay connected to a thriving support network of fellow people in recovery, the stronger you will be in the fight against relapse.

The road to recovery doesn’t end once treatment is over. Onward Living Recovery Community helps you re-adjust to the stressors of everyday life one step at a time in an atmosphere that is geared toward your sobriety. By making use of our transitional living community, you can pave the way for a bright and drug-free future.

Facility Features

  • Transitional Living

    Going straight from treatment back into the chaos of life can easily drive you back into the arms of your addiction. Taking this necessary step into a controlled atmosphere can be the difference between relapse and recovery.

  • Life Skill Development

    The stress of responsibilities and obligations is a common cause of relapse. By developing necessary life skills in a safe environment, you set yourself up for continued success.

  • Community Support

    There is strength in numbers! We provide you with a supportive network of counselors, therapists, and others in recovery who can help keep you accountable and encourage you along each step of the process.

The best way to connect is to learn from those who have gone through the same struggles. Our staff is made up of others in recovery who can teach you the skills and mindset you need to stay sober.

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Part of the Delphi Difference

Onward Living Recovery Community is a proud member of the Delphi Behavioral Health Group family of addiction treatment centers. Delphi is a network of facilities that came together with one goal in mind: to provide quality treatment that raised the standard for addiction rehabilitation. We work to guide you along each and every step of the recovery journey from detox and inpatient treatment to aftercare programs and alumni opportunities.

The Delphi Difference represents our commitment to excellence in all aspects of addiction treatment. Our use of clinically-proven methods and low client-to-staff ratios allows us to see unprecedented success rates, helping countless individuals get their lives back in sobriety. Rather than just treat the addiction, we also target the behaviors and emotions that led to the substance abuse, creating a solid foundation on which your recovery can bloom.