Onward Living Recovery Community was established with the mission to help people transition from the recovery “bubble” to the reality of life after treatment. We realize that relapse is a normal part of the rugged road to recovery, but we aim to give you the tools you need to resist the temptation to use again.

Our dedicated and compassionate staff is comprised of those that have walked in your shoes in the past. Using their own experiences and wisdom, they can help guide you as you learn to provide for yourself, take care of a living space, and deal with triggers that may come up in day to day life.

After completing our transitional living program, you will have the following:


  • Employment
  • A Service Commitment
  • A Sponsor
  • A Home Group
  • Life Skills


Under the supervision of a house manager and the guidance of your sponsor, we will help you develop a personal recovery plan that is tailored to your unique struggle with addiction, your relationships, and your personality. Our facility creates a home-like setting that gives you privacy and a degree of autonomy while fostering lifelong relationships with others in recovery.



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How We Help

We strive to break the mold of recovery communities here in South Florida. We use all of the elements at our disposal, including the beautiful Floridian weather, to provide you with the building blocks for a sober life. We like to think of addiction recovery as a continuous journey that should pervade your life long after treatment has ended. That’s why we work to encourage you to keep sobriety at the forefront of your mind.

Our recovery community is a vital step to helping you transition from inpatient and residential rehab to normal life. Rather than live at home, left to your own devices and temptations, you can take advantage of our program to have a secure home that is monitored and designed to slowly increase your responsibilities until you fully re-enter society as a sober individual. When so much of life has been spent regretting the past, it’s always important to focus on onward living.

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